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As people get older, or if they have a disability at any age, they become more dependent on others. This means that they will have a ‘carer’. What that career does will vary from person to person. Their role may be as simple as giving somebody a lift to the supermarket once a week but may be as complex as providing all of the personal care to another person 24 hours a day.

The amount of help somebody needs may increase insidiously, say as somebody becomes frailer over time, or may suddenly increase, for example, if somebody is suddenly disabled by a stroke.

Carers are most commonly a family member, usually husband, wife or child. Out of a whole family, most of the responsibility often falls upon one person. Often that person has no training in providing that care and often does not realise that the work is becoming too much for them. Many carers do not often ask for help until a crisis occurs, such as a person they are looking after having a fall.

Carers are therefore prone to the effects of stress. ‘Carer stress’ is very common. Carers are more prone to depression, anxiety and physical health problems themselves.

Third Party Consent form can be downloaded here.

Carer’s factsheet

Download the factsheet by clicking here. This contains advice on:

  • Managing carer stress
  • Patient confidentiality and carers
  • Power of Attorney
  • Falls
  • Making sure the carer gets a break
  • Sources of help and information

Further Information

  • We have a noticeboard dedicated to Carers in our waiting area.
  • Hard copies of the fact sheet are available from this noticeboard.
  • The noticeboard also has information on current support groups and courses.
  • You can access further information on Carers Gloucestershire by clicking here.